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Locating a bad expression in Emacs and Clojure

I work frequently in Emacs and Clojure. Emacs has two extensions that let you do interactive development: tools.nrepl and swank-clojure.

I sometimes make the mistake of modifying many functions in a module before I attempt executing or compiling the entire file again and am met with an error like:

Can't have more than 1 variadic overload
  [Thrown class java.lang.Exception]

Finding the source of this in a large file full of functions can be difficult.

There is a trick you can use in Emacs to make this simpler though. By using a simple keyboard macro you can step through all of the expressions in a buffer and evaluate each one in turn until you find the expression with the error in it.

The steps are as follows:

  • Jump to the top of your buffer: C-M-<
  • Start recording a macro by typing: C-x (
  • Move forward a single sexpression by typing: C-M-f
  • Evaluate that expression by typing: C-x C-e
  • End the macro by typing: C-x )

If it was in the first expression then you’re done. If it’s not, then check the next one by typing C-x e, to continue checking you can then keep pressing just e until you’ve found the offending code.

Tags: emacs,clojure,programming