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List Comprehensions in Clojure

This is a basic example of the list comprehension support in Clojure, the same feature supported by Erlang, Haskell and Common Lisp (via a libraries like incf-cl).

;; generate the positions of a chess board:
(for [file "ABCDEFGH"
      rank (range 1 9)]
  (format "%c%d" file rank))

;; Evaluate and put the result into the buffer: C-u 8 C-x C-e
;; ("A1" "A2" "A3" "A4" "A5" "A6" "A7" "A8" 
;;  "B1" "B2" "B3" "B4" "B5" "B6" "B7" "B8" 
;;  "C1" "C2" "C3" "C4" "C5" "C6" "C7" "C8" 
;;  "D1" "D2" "D3" "D4" "D5" "D6" "D7" "D8" 
;;  "E1" "E2" "E3" "E4" "E5" "E6" "E7" "E8" 
;;  "F1" "F2" "F3" "F4" "F5" "F6" "F7" "F8" 
;;  "G1" "G2" "G3" "G4" "G5" "G6" "G7" "G8" 
;;  "H1" "H2" "H3" "H4" "H5" "H6" "H7" "H8")

(count (for [file "ABCDEFGH"
              rank (range 1 9)]
          (format "%c%d" file rank)))
;; Make sure it 8x8 (64)

;; the pythagorean triples example:
(for [aa (range 1 10)
      bb (range 1 10)
      cc (range 1 10)
      :when (= (* cc cc)
               (+ (* aa aa)
                  (* bb bb)))]
  (list aa bb cc))
;; ((3 4 5) (4 3 5))

;; all permutations
(defn all-permutations [things]
  (if (= 1 (count things))
    (list things)
    (for [head things
          tail (all-permutations (disj (set things) head))]
        (cons head tail)))))

(all-permutations '(a b c))
;; ((a c b) (a b c) (b a c) (b c a) (c a b) (c b a))

Kyle Burton, 11 Nov 2008 – Wayne PA